Created by John and Janet Gatto as a peaceful getaway, Solitude Farmz is a place to refresh one’s mind, body, and spirit. Designed with sustainability in mind, this bucolic, 125-acre retreat is a place where individuals and families can disconnect from modern life, while they reconnect with nature and each other.

SOLITUDE FARMZ is an evolving destination with new site developments happening daily. Please allow us to stay in touch via email, so we can update you on the property access and availability in the coming months. Sign up below!


Embrace the quiet, release your stress, and discover the renewing power of being alone in nature.


Clean water resources, effective use of timber, and calming walking trails create a place of natural, renewable wonder and beauty.


Unplug and disconnect from the anxieties of daily life as you refresh your mind and body, and renew your soul.

The Healing Power of Nature — Solitude Farmz is the perfect place to disconnect from daily life as you release your stress and reconnect with yourself.

Close Enough to Get To, Far Enough to Get Away.

Located near the Oxford / Preston area in Upstate New York

Come and discover what you’ve been missing…at Solitude Farmz. You’ll never want to leave.

About Solitude Farmz

It all started back in the mid-1970s. That’s when John and Janet Gatto purchased a 125-acre parcel of land, southeast of the Finger Lakes, just outside of Oxford, N.Y. The Gattos wanted to create a place where they could escape the pressure of their everyday life in Manhattan, reconnect with nature, and renew their spirits. Over the next four decades, the property served as their family retreat, and they spent many a summer there enjoying the rejuvenating power that can only be found in nature. It gave them great peace.

The Gattos preceded the modern environmental sustainability movement. Here at their retreat, they made sure to develop and protect clean water resources, practice the effective use of timber, and create a number of walking trails throughout, all in an effort to create a place of natural, renewable wonder and beauty.

John Gatto

Eventually, John Gatto trusted his first cousin Taylor Zimmer to serve as Trustee and shepherd of the property. Since then, Taylor has been working hard to maintain and transform the Gattos’ summer retreat into a calm place where others might come to escape the burdens of daily life, refresh their minds, and renew their souls, as the Gatto’s clearly intended.

Solitude Farmz is the realization of all this hard work. Located within a 250-mile radius of New York City, western Massachusetts and Connecticut, northeast and central Pennsylvania, and western New York State, it is a place that allows you to find insight into yourself, to acknowledge the stress caused by sensory overload, and to embrace the healing power of quiet and solitude. And it’s this solitude, combined with the idea of disconnecting, that provides insight into yourself.

Time doesn’t hang heavily on your hands at Solitude Farmz. Here you have the opportunity to adapt to your future, a day older and a day wiser. You have ample time and space to create, to get lost and rediscover who you really are, all within the healthy embrace of nature. It’s also a wonderful place for families to gather and reconnect, far away from the never-ending demands of everyday life. With addition of High Speed Fios Internet you can now work remotely from our peaceful location.

You have the capacity to create things with a healthy attachment to nature…at Solitude Farmz.
Solitude Farmz forest