Our Purpose is to provide a meaningful experience through educational workshop activities, experiences that cultivate personal intimacy, promote the wellbeing of individuals, families, corporations, and healthcare providers. On-site at Solitude Farmz property and off-site at venue of choice, upon request.

Opus Peace Ambassador, MasterPEACE Educator- Nancy Zimmer, RN, CHPN with Dr. Cynthia Walters, DNP, AHN-BC, Clinical Associate Professor at Duquesne University Monday April 11. Nancy presented Opus Peace Training Tools to an engaged group of Dr. Walters Senior Nursing Students in the Holistic Nursing Practices Class.

Educational Workshops Available but not limited to:

I. Caregiver Distress and Well-Being Workshop – Focus on Soul-Restoration: Revitalizing the Healthcare Providers Weary Heart. Includes Caregiver Ceremony.

II. Soul Injury Workshop – An Intensive educational experience for high-risk populations for acquiring a soul injury including those who have experienced heartache loss of personal health, death of a loved one or divorce. Minorities and marginalized groups. Veterans, first responders and healthcare workers who deal with serious illness and death are at risk. Includes a Loss Ceremony, insight on distinguishing Soul Injury, Moral Injury, PTSD and STSD and their causes and treatments.

III. Caring for a Veteran – Encourages the understanding of their unique needs and family members Including in-depth discussion of Soul Injury, Moral Injury and PTSD. Fallen Comrade Ceremony and Safe Sanctuary is provided to them to mourn the losses they have sustained.

IV. Wholistic Tools & Practices; Unleashing Your Vitality – What if you already have everything you need in order to be whole? What if it’s not about overcoming, enduring, or rising above hardships but rather learning how to connect with who you already are? This workshop is designed to help people re-connect scattered pieces of themselves so they become more whole. Tools and practice will help you experience the grace of your BE-ing.

To request upcoming available workshop schedules OR to arrange a workshop onsite at your location email enquiry to: relax@solitudfarmz.com  
solitude farmz - lifelong learning
solitude farmz - lifelong learning

Solitude Soulz is the Exclusive Provider of Opus Peace training in the State of New York.

Workshop Participant Testimonials

“More than a week after my first visit … I still find myself relishing the feeling of homecoming sanctuary I felt upon first setting foot in the chapel that is Solitude Farmz… thank you for inviting my colleague and I to bear witness to what you are creating.”

– M.S

“Many of my family members are in the medical field. I think this workshop could be very beneficial for them.”

Very Relaxing and nice to take time to validate feelings.”

“You guys are very soothing and provide an open environment.”

“I really loved this workshop. It helped me come to terms with many personal things and has given me methods for improvement.

“I loved opening my mind…speaks volumes and exactly what Nurses are feeling and suffering with on a greater degree…allowed myself to be vulnerable and open and express my feelings… so much gratitude and felt so much peace and a weight lifted. Since then, my overall mood lifted and the way I am responding is different. The layout of the program was perfect…the environment allowed me to be 100% in the moment.”

– J.P.

“Makes me feel revitalized.”

“Speaker is very knowledgeable and impactful.”

“I think it was a great conversation on things we don’t typically discuss.”

Helpful techniques that I will use in the future.”

“I feel like I have better tools to care for myself.”