Trail Angelz

Service Area: FLT M24

Solitude Farmz / FLT Trail Angelz meeting points in M24 MAP AREA ONLY. Solitude Farmz office is located at 1218 Bliven Sherman Road. Approximately 1.8 miles EAST of the Main Entrance to Bowman Lake State Park.

Solitude Farmz offers Trail Angelz Service for FLT hikers as a member of the Bull Thistle Hiking Club of Chenango County. We service the FLT within the M24 Map area ONLY as a service to hikers.

3-day advance confirmation must be made to confirm meeting arrangements and plans. Solitude Farmz also operates as an AIR BnB and reservations for accommodations must be made in advance through the AIR BnB platform. If making AIR BnB reservations please confirm those reservations with Solitude Farmz staff when arranging for Trail Angelz services. ALL Trail Angelz Services provided to Solitude Farmz AIR BnB extended stay guests MUST be confirmed in advance of your stay. Services will be offered to AIR BnB guests as available if needed.

Schedule pickup: 607-336-3226 office / Relax@Solitudefarmz.com

Finger Lakes Trail - Hiking Map

Mile Marker










FLT Pick up location (North to South)

Tower Road (Fred Stewart Road/ Hoag Childs Road)

Berry Hill Fire Tower 

Preston Road 

Bowman Lake Beach Parking Lot

NY Route 220  East McDonough  (Outpost Restaurant)

Chestnut Road Crossing 

Hogan Road Crossing 

Ludlow Road / Hogan Road 

Stone Quarry Hill Road / County Road 3                               

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